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Your Time Is Up

No longer will you hold on to things that no longer serves you. YOU ARE NOT in the business of allowing people into your life to disrupt the work you’ve done & progress you’ve made on this journey called life. You have come a very long way. When it comes to self, it is time for you to refuse to allow people to come into your life that want to handle you however they want to handle you.

You were broken long enough. You have been hurt more than words could ever explain. You suffered long enough. No longer will you settle just to say you have someone. No longer will you tolerate just anything to say you have someone.

No longer will they handle you the same way they’ve handled everyone other woman in their life. They can either get it together or leave you alone!

You have been serve notice!

SHE came! SHE conquered! SHE WALKS!

With love,


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