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The “Going Through”…

The pain was worth it. I’m sure someone is reading this blog like “Girl shut up I don’t like what I’m going through right now”. Truth is, we never like the “going through” part of our journey. Many of us would prefer to skip it, but if we were to bypass the “going through”, we would miss the most pivotal moments in our journey.

If I must be honest, PAIN SUCKS! The “going through” SUCKS! However, the “get through” and “get to” is what we will appreciate in the end.

SHE WALKS LLC was birth in the midst of my going through. I found myself in the midst of my “going through”. I discovered my worth and what I truly deserve in the midst of my “going through”. There were times where I would fall short after everything I had already encountered, but I had to quickly remind myself of what I had “gone through”. There will still be times when you will fall short, but simply redirect yourself.

There is always purpose in pain, but sometimes we miss it because we sometimes get stuck in our feelings and pitying ourselves. It’s okay to feel down, but down allow yourself to stay in that place. If you are “going through” right now, I want you to keep going. I want you continue to press forward. Please note: When you start healing, discovering yourself, your purpose, and your worth; the devil is going to attack and try to tempt you. Therefore, stay grounded in your Word. I cannot wait to see what you birth. Trust the process! God loves you! Jesus loves you! I love you! I’m rooting for you!

With love,


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