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The end? No “;” your story continues.

I know you’re hurting

I am hurting with you

I don’t want you feel like you have to do this alone

I am right beside you

Don’t give up on you

You have so much to live for

I know you are considering suicide because you’re hurting

And you just want the pain to stop

But by committing suicide, your pain will stop, but the pain of others will continue

You are loved whether you know it or not

We believe in you

If no one has told you, I am proud of you

I love you

I want you to live

You shall live and not die

You will not leave this world prematurely

I speak life over you now

In Jesus name, amen

Our story will continue through our strength!

SHE came! SHE conquered! SHE WALKS!

With love,

Minister Melissa

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