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Sit In It!

Have you ever made a big mess and didn’t know where to start to clean it up? Have you ever overreacted and didn’t know how to fix it? Have you ever intended to do something out of love but it came out the wrong way? Have you ever felt guilty for doing something that you know you could’ve done better?

We all have!  You are not alone. The first question we typically ask is: God can you please get me out of this? What happens when God tells you NO? What happens when a God tells you to sit in it? We don’t like to do we? Of course we don’t. We want God answer us immediately and to do exactly what we want Him to do, but that’s not how gods work in most cases.

It’s almost like a child being put in time out. Do you remember when your mom made you sit alone in timeout after you did something you had no business doing? Your parents use to tell you to think about what you’ve done. This is the same way God does us. He doesn’t jump every time we want him to jump. He will leave us in situations until we learn what it is that is necessary for us to learn before we are removed. Sometimes, we repeat the same cycle because we haven’t learned the lesson yet. So God allows us to sit and think about what we’ve done.

Who wants to sit in mess? I know I don’t. However, I have found myself there many times. Sitting in my mess allowed me to go to God. Sitting in my mess lead me to the Word of God. While sitting in my mess long enough, I was able to learn other ways I could’ve handled different situations. While sitting in my mess I gained clarity. I learned my ways are not His ways. I learned to not be so easily angered. I learned not to respond to everything. I learned the importance of just walking away.

So, see sometimes sitting in it can I help you out a lot. We may not like it while we’re in the midst of it, but it is for our good. Sometimes sitting in your mess is necessary for out growth. Sometimes sitting in it helps us understand that we were wrong, and that’s okay. We need that reality check. The Word of God says be still, and know that I am God. We must practice it more often.

SHE came! SHE conquered! SHE WALKS!

With love,

Minister Melissa

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