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Keeping my eyes on God!

Let’s talk about how difficult it is to remain obedient. I don’t think people truly understand that it’s a daily task. Your obedience doesn’t develop overnight. Your obedience doesn’t happen in a blink of an eye.  Obedience happens when you get into the Word of God. It starts developing when you read the words that He’s given us and you truly set in on understanding what He’s instructed us to do.

Let me speak for myself when I say this, some of His rules had me shook when I got serious about God and changing my ways. “Please, God I am just so young”’ was what I use to say. “How do you expect me to live up to your direction?”, was something else I use to ask.

The answer is very easy. The Lord said to me, you must die to your flesh. You must stop allowing your flesh to call the shot. You must allow your spirit to direct you.  “Die to my flesh? Lord, how do you want me to do that?”

Then the Lord said to me, get in me, remain in me, focus on me stop getting distracted. In the past, you would seek after things to make you happy, but that only brings you a small amount of instant gratification. What’s the purpose of instant gratification if it doesn’t last long. I heard a song and the singer said “When you seek after things, you miss God. If you seek after God, the things will come”. Now, that’s a word for somebody.

From that day forward, I remained in God. I remained in Him even when I was hurting. I remained in Him even when I didn’t know where to go. I reminded in Him even when I didn’t know where the money would come from. I stop seeking gratification from my flesh, and then I sought out gratification from the Word of God.

Trust me, this was not an easy transition for your girl. But I hate to do it. I got tired of the same cycles. I got tired of hurting ,and I got tired of carrying things that I no longer need to carry. I got tired of doing things my way , so I decided to do a Gods way. I got tired of living just to please my flesh. My flesh no longer calls the shots. I was tired of being tired! So, I had to do things the right way. It’s hard, but trust me. It’s worth it in the end. Remain in him.

She came! She conquered! She walks!

Minister Melissa

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