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I Don’t Want Another Lesson

Let’s talk about God telling you “no” or “not right now”, but you still choose to do your own thing. More specifically, let’s talk about God telling you “no” to dating while you are suppose to be healing.

Imagine praying to God to send you the one and then thinking God has sent your dream person. This person meets all of your standards, and they make you very happy. This person is very respectful, have a relationship with God, consistent, they listen to you, and validates your feelings. They shower you with compliments and affection FOR THE FIRST 3 WEEKS! Yes, I said 3 weeks.

After this person gets you right where they want you, they flip the script. Now you are seeing them for who they truly are. In the end, they weren’t who they portrayed themselves as. In 3 weeks, you had planned your whole wedding in your head with this person (lol). Why? Because they “Loved Bombed” you to death. They told you everything you wanted to hear, and they did everything they felt they needed to do to get you. Though, once they get you, they drop the ball. Please note: When a person is playing a role, the script will eventually run out! Now you’re disappointed and hurt again. BACK TO HEALING DAY ONE YOU GO!

Truth be told, this has been a cycle in many peoples lives for years now. Reason being, when we a broken, we are vulnerable. We will believe anything we see or hear in our brokenness. Healing can be lonely. When we get lonely in healing, we start dating again. DON’T DO IT!

Let me save you the pain that I failed to save myself:

  • Heal and make it personal!

  • Until you learn what you need to learn, the cycle with continue.

On my healing journey, I once found myself in a repeated cycle with lessons after lessons. Why? Because I wasn’t learning the lesson that I was meant to learn. Also, I was in a repeated cycle because because I allowed my flesh to call the shots instead of my spirit. I did what I wanted to do in spite of God telling me “no” or “not yet”, and He showed me who was in control. To avoid continuous lessons, simply be obedient to what God tells you.

What’s the take away? “Be Obedient”

SHE came! SHE conquered! SHE WALKS!

With love,


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