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Dear Dad,

I pray everyday I’m making you proud up there in Heaven. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about. There’s so much that has happened since you’ve went to your Heavenly home, but I know you’ve been watching. I can feel your presence when you do come around and it’s very calming. I love the blue butterflies you send when I’m sad, but I still miss you so much. I miss your hugs, I miss your scent, I miss our laughs, I miss hearing you say “hey Daddys girl”, I miss our talks, I miss us decorating for Christmas, and  I miss our drives. Sometimes I wish I could back in time, but that would be selfish of me.

Dad, I just hope you’re proud of me. I know I’ve made so many mistakes along the way since you left, but I hope you’re still proud of me. There’s so much more I have to say, but  I’m going to stop this letter now because you know your baby girl is a crybaby, but I miss you so much.

Continue to watch over me…

SHE came! SHE conquered! SHE WALKS!

Daddy’s Girl,


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